Perhaps it is the history, the marvellous climate, the rich culture and heritage or the warm hospitality of the people that portray the image of Messinia and Greece. For the sailing enthusiast, it is all the above plus the eternal intimacy between Messinia, sea and nature. Sailing the Messinian seas and Islands conjures visions of deep blue skies, clear azure waters and breathtaking scenery.

The land of Messinia, full of Mycenaean palaces, Venetian castles, museums, Byzantine Churches, Monasteries, tall green or snowy mountains with canyons, waterfalls, amazing caves, old stone bridges and villages, farms with olive & fig trees and vineyards, awaiting even the most assuming customers who wishes to tour and explore the many beauties and well-hidden secrets of Messinia’s nature.

Messinia Sailing is a Messinian family business in the area of daily sailing cruises and pleasure boat chartering for various events. We also provide sailing practice and yacht services for our customers. No sailing experience is required. We have many years of experience in sailing and the sea and we offer our guests a combination of high quality, responsibility & professionalism throughout all our activities. Select the most suitable cruise and your preferred boat or beach activity to enrich your cruise.

MY GREEN LIFE was created due to our customer’s enthusiasm to show them authentic Messinia, through our sailing cruises and activities and our love for Messinia-Greece. MY GREEN LIFE eco-tours offer our guests the chance to get amazing and authentic experience from Greek-Messinian culture and heritage. This unspoilt area of Greece, blessed by the gods, is our homeland and we like to show it to our guests and let them share in its nature, history, hospitality, local people & their activities in combination with a sea or sailing charter.