Nondiscrimination Policy

We are committed to a policy of inclusion and nondiscrimination

In Gofreedly, we strongly believe in an open and inclusive society. We are committed to building a world without borders where people from every background feel welcome and respected, no matter where they have come from and regardless of Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Marital Status. 

Gofreedly employees, Suppliers, and Guests alike agree to read and act under the following policy. 

Our two fundamental pillars of nondiscrimination policy are Inclusion and Respect

Inclusion – We welcome Guests of all backgrounds with an open mind, without any bias, prejudice, racism, or hatred, with authentic hospitality and open minds. When joining our community of Hosts and Guests, we expect that you fully adhere to our nondiscrimination policy. 

Respect  We employ the highest standards of respect in all interactions that are the result of Gofreedly bookings.  Connecting people from different backgrounds is a great challenge that fosters greater understanding and appreciation for the common characteristics shared by all human beings.  

Gofreedly Suppliers may not decline bookings or impose different terms on Guests based on Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Marital Status, or  Disability.

Suppliers should make every effort to be welcoming to guests of all backgrounds. Suppliers who demonstrate a pattern of rejecting Guests for any of the above reasons will be suspended from the Gofreedly booking platform.

 If a listing contains language contrary to our nondiscrimination policy, the Supplier will be asked to comply with our nondiscrimination policy and its underlying principles. Gofreedly, at its discretion, may suspend a Host from the Gofreedly platform if such compliance is not demonstrated.