Why sign up with Gofreedly?



 No sign-up fee, no monthly charges, no hidden costs

Signing up with Gofreedly is free of charge for the Suppliers of Tours and Activities

 Lowest commission charged 

Our fee is commission-based, and it is one of the lowest in the market ranging between 17% & 19% depending on the location of the supplier

 We promote your business

Your company brand name and logo are displayed together with a description of 
your company profile to enhance your online visibility

 Accelerate your sales to new markets

Attract customers from all over the world through our regular promotions and 
advertising campaigns

 Worry-free payments

Your payments are securely processed by our Payment Provider Mangopay


How does it work for the partner?

Create your listing

It’s free and easy to create a listing on Gofreedly platform. Click on Upload a Listing
link, describe the Tour or Activity you are offering, and add photos and
other details as you are prompted in the listing form.

Manage your availabilities

Manage your availabilities from your dashboard calendar. Receive booking requests
from customers with the option to accept or decline a booking.

Welcome your guests

You can communicate with your guests before arrival on our Platform and

make all appropriate arrangements with them hassle-free.  

Get Paid

Gofreedly’s secure payment system means you never have to deal with money
directly. Guests are charged before arrival, and you are paid automatically by our
money provider Mangopay to your account seven days after the activity is over.