Cancellations Policy


Tour & Activities

You can cancel your bookings for up to 48 hours for a full refund unless a different cancellation policy is applied by a specific supplier, as stated on the listing.  If you cancel your booking after the time specified in the listing up to which free cancellation applies, the Host will be fully paid, and you won't receive a refund. Special conditions may apply in the case of multi-day tours, where a deposit has been paid directly to Gofreedly's bank account, in which case if the tour is canceled deposit is forfeited.

If adverse weather conditions or other extreme and unexpected events create unsafe conditions, tour providers may cancel the activity/experience. In this case, you will be offered a different date, and if rescheduling of the activity is not possible, you will be fully refunded. Please note that Gofreedly Bookings Ltd will not be held responsible for possible charges by your bank during the booking or refund process. 

When, you as a Host, cancel a confirmed booking, you won't receive any payment. If cancellation is not due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances that create unsafe conditions for the participants, your confirmation rate will be negatively influenced, and your chance for future bookings decreases. Gofreedly Bookings Ltd reserves the right to terminate cooperation without any warning with a host that fails to honor his obligations arising from a confirmed booking.

All bookings on request need to be confirmed within 24 hours. If your booking request is rejected or not confirmed within 24 hours by the Provider, or when you, as a guest,  withdraw the request before confirmation, you are not charged.