Safe and responsible travel priority for us


As travelers are slowly getting back on the road, we continue to work and ensure that our tours and experiences are safe for everyone. We work closely with our local partners to secure safe travel protocols are in place. We expect clients who choose to book an experience through Gofreedly Platform to exhibit care to themselves and the people around them. We ask that all guests comply with local regulations and laws, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their experience while remaining well. 

How do you know it is safe to resume traveling to a country?


Most of the countries around the world have announced safety plans and protocols for reopening for travelers. Some destinations may open gradually or partially and in several cases only to nationals from certain countries.  

In addition, each destination has its own vaccination, testing, and health screening requirements for entry, exit, and transit. Make sure that you check these on your government’s foreign travel advice website as these may include requiring evidence of recent COVID-19 test results or vaccination. 

 Do I have to wear a mask on my activity?


Gofreedly asks and expects its suppliers to follow all government and local authority requirements around the use of masks and other protective measures including disinfection of vehicles, cleaning of often touched surfaces, enforcing social distancing, and following the Covid-19 safety national protocols. These measures can vary according to your destination but as minimum travelers are required to travel with their own masks and to wear one when required.

Are there any changes to group sizes in response to COVID-19?

The majority of our suppliers have reduced the shared experiences group size according to national safety standards. We encourage travelers, whenever possible, to book private experiences where only their group will participate. On all activities, suppliers are required to follow local government guidance on permitted group sizes. This may mean reduced group sizes for the entire tour, for certain activities, or in certain environments such as restaurants or transport.

Will insurance cover me for COVID-19?

Travel insurance suppliers’ policies vary. We strongly suggest all travelers buy their own travel insurance which covers all expenses relating to covid-19 infection while on travel, repatriation costs, etc. 

Do I need to bring my own hand sanitizer?

Our local partners provide hand sanitizer on transport and at restaurants. We recommend bringing your own personal supply when it is not available, such as when exploring a destination independently.

Can I cancel my booking and get a refund if I am unwell before my trip and unable to travel?

If you are unwell before travel, stay at home and contact us to cancel your booking. Please read our Cancellation policy for more details.   

Please note that any expenses for testing, treatment, or self-isolation will need to be covered by you and your travel insurer, so ensure you have access to funds while traveling in case of this or other emergencies.