Mike and Stuart Belbas have been flying in one form or another for almost 25 years, from aeroplanes and helicopters to paragliders and hang-gliders.

We started flying light aircraft when we were 17, acquiring our Private Pilots Licence before we could even drive a car. Every form of aviation has always excited us, but when it comes to flying, our biggest passion by far has always been paragliding and nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than getting to share that passion with other people.

We have worked professionally in the paragliding industry for over 20 years from teaching and instructor training, testing gliders, SIV trainers, acro trainers and even involved in testing paragliders for the DHV. We have worked on film sets as stunt pilots and traveled the world on numerous expeditions being the first people to fly in a number of remote places around the globe. We were the first people, in fact still the only people to date, to cross the Kalahari desert by powered paraglider.

In short, we get a thrill from everything to do with paragliding and when we are not teaching people to paraglide here in Verbier, we are usually off flying for ourselves somewhere.



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