Posted on 23/02/2019
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Venetikos River Rafting Experience - 2020

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Experience rafting Venetikos, one of the longest rivers in Greece and get stunned by its exceptional beauty. Venetikos river is a tributary of Aliakmonas and ideal for a medium difficulty rafting experience.

DURATION: 2 hours of actual descent (4 hours in total including transportation)
MEETING POINT: At the bridge between the villages Trikomo & Monachiti
LANGUAGE/S: English, Greek
STARTING TIME: Between 9:30 am and 10:30 am depending on the season
OPENING SEASONS: 10th of March till the end of October
WHO CAN COME: Venetikos rafting route is suitable for beginners and no previous experience is required. Children above the age of 8 are welcome to participate. Good physical condition is recommended

What is included

✔ Transfer to our starting point with minibus
✔ Rafting boats
✔ Neoprene shoes and suits, helmet, and rafting lifejackets
✔ Paddles, waterproof anoraks and gloves during winter
✔ GoPro video camera and photos of your adventure
✖ Swimsuit and a towel
✖ Second underwear
✖ Second pair of athletic shoes which will get wet
✖ Small backpack for personal items

What to expect

Start your 2.5-hour rafting of Venetikos river at the bridge between the villages of Trikomo and Monachiti. This is a rapid 3rd-degree descent with amazing views of the surrounding landscapes during your descent. The scenery is magical and becomes even more impressive when you meet the four 16th and 17th century, stone bridges standing imposing, uniting the banks of the river. You will pass under the arches of the Kagelia bridge, the bridge of Aziz Aga that is the tallest of Northern Greece, the bridge of Stavropotamos and finally the bridge of Spanos, where your activity will come to an end.

Where we will meet


  • English
  • Greek

Cutoff time before activity

  • 2 days


  • Greece

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