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Zakynthos Villas: Therianos Traditional Villas and Farming Experience

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Stay in comfort in the beautiful Therianos Traditional Villas and enjoy the unique experience of participating in the farming life of the owners. Benefit from the location of the Villas to visit the most amazing places in Zakynthos.

About the property

Therianos Traditional Villas are set among a charming olive grove, close to Kallithea at the centre of the Zakynthos, enjoying a lush green scenic countryside. The property where the villas were built was passed down through generations by the Therianos family. All four villas are close to the mountain of Vrachionas and just a 5 minutes drive from the beach of Alykes and Alykanas.

Villas can accommodate comfortably from 2 up to 5 guests. The living room is furnished with couches and a dining table with chairs. A separate bedroom with a large bed (160cm x 200cm) and a spacious bathroom with bathtub, shower curtain, wash hand basin and shaver are found on the same level. A staircase leads up to a comfortable bedroom which offers one double bed and one single bed.

Each one of the villas features a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, coffee maker, toaster, and kettle. There is also available satellite TV, hairdryer and iron. Guests can enjoy beautiful views of the greenery in the furnished private balconies. The place is immersed in lush olive groves and vineyards and guests are welcomed to explore the farm, use the BBQ facilities or participate in the seasonal farm labor.

Optional things-to-do/Activities

Inside a farm of unspoiled beauty, the Therianos family produces its own organic products including vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wine, grapes, apples, quinces, oranges, lemons, walnuts and many others.
While staying at the Therianos traditional villas, depending on the time of year, you have the chance to participate in various agricultural works and activities varying from olive and vine harvesting to biological plantation and animal feeding. This way you can have an authentic experience of living in the Greek countryside and get connected with nature in a way that will calm your soul and body.

◾ In October, November, December, and January we pick olives from our farm and we produce our own organic, extra virgin olive oil, a priceless gift of nature to us.
◾ In February and March, we are pruning organic grapes and vineyards. This is necessary work in order to get the best quality of raisins and grapes.
◾ In March we cut the grass, clear the weeds and prune the trees that surround the farm.
◾ In April we dig the land, plant organic vegetables, and plow the fields.
◾ In May we cut the greens, the food of our farm animals and store them in the animal houses.
◾ In July we cut the large shoots of the vines. This is necessary for the vineyards to get more air and sun.
◾ In August we harvest the raisins and spread them on large threshing floors to dry.
◾ In September we turn raisins on both sides for the sun to dry them and we harvest the grapes and press them. You can see this procedure and winemaking from first hand. The wine production is like a ritual to us, going back to the ancient festival of Dionysus. With lots of music, this is a chance to gather all the family and friends on our farm in order to press the grapes on barefoot in the place called “linos”. This is an activity that gives us lots of laughter and joy. The first pure juice to come over linos is called mustos. Mustos is being collected in barrels, which are opened on the 26th of October each year, followed by a great celebration with lots of drinking and eating.

In whatever activity you choose to take part in on our organic farm, one thing is certain. You will have an unforgettable experience to take back home with you.

Our unique location in the village of Kallithea offers our visitors the ideal base for many outdoor activities.
You can try walking the old trail that leads to the mountain of Vrachionas, a unique chance to meet herbs, birds, small animals and the famous black cave. On the way, you will find the picturesque villages of Louha and Gyri with their traditional folk architecture and the magnificent church of Prophet Ilias. Don’t miss the chance to have a coffee or lunch in the small tavernas and cafes located there. In Louha you can also admire the Roman tomb which remains untouched from the great earthquake of 1953.

Other activities available on request
Horse riding. Scenic guided rides for fun and sports
Sailing. Daily excursions to small isolated coves and caves or the famous Shipwreck
Scuba diving as well as other water sports
Boat cruises in the marine park for seeing the Caretta Caretta sea turtles
Cycling activities

When arriving at the Therianos traditional villas, we will inform you about all activities available and encourage you to discover nature while combining sports with fun.

Places of interest nearby

Our location in Kallithea village offers a large range of amenities in a close distance. Alykes and Alykanas are the biggest resorts to find in the area and are only a 5 minutes drive from the Therianos Traditional Villas. There you can find an amazing beach awarded with the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of its waters which is ideal for families with children. Alykes and Alykanas beach is fully organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, watersports and features a number of beach bars and fish taverns. Moreover, in the centre of both areas there are numerous restaurants, rent a car agencies, bars, tourist shops and supermarkets.

The closest village from the Villas is the picturesque village of Katastari, while the closest restaurant is only 2km away. The area offers a mini-market and public transportation in 500m. A pharmacy and a medical centre are also found in Kallithea.