Posted on 24/04/2021

Balos Cruise: Full-day Balos & Gramvousa Boat Trip from Kissamos

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Enjoy a full-day Balos cruise from Kissamos port to Gramvousa & Balos, one of the most amazing places in Greece. Visit the Venetian Castle on Gramvousa, relax on the famous pink sandy beach and swim in the crystalline waters of the stunning Balos Lagoon.

◾ Relax on the unique pink sand of the lagoon and explore the island of Gramvousa
◾ Walk in the world-famous Balos Lagoon and swim in the most amazingly clear waters
◾ Take a 20-minute hike up to the Venetian Castle and enjoy stunning views of the Balos Lagoon

About this experience

DURATION: 7 hours
MEETING POINT: Kiosk of Cretan Daily Cruises, Port of Kissamos
LANGUAGES: English, Greek
OPENING SEASON: May to October
WHO CAN COME: Anyone can join this full-day Balos cruise. An adult must accompany children

Description - What to expect

Your Balos cruise starts from Kissamos Port, and for about an hour, you will be cruising along the coast, admiring stunning cliffs and beautiful beaches, before you arrive at the small port of Gramvousa, for a two-hour stop.

The actual location of Gramvousa, the unique Cretan nature, the legends, and the turbulent history of the area create a magical atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. The landscape is impressive, and the beach is breathtaking. The highest point on the island, on the top of a cliff, is dominated by the famous Gramvousa castle. Take a walk to the top to explore the castle, or stay on the beautiful beach. You can alternatively choose to stay on the boat to relax or have some fun on the water slide.

Next, to your Balos cruise sail for another 20-minute to reach the famous Balos Lagoon. Balos pink sandy beach is listed as one of the best beaches in the world and is a truly unique experience. You can swim in the turquoise blue waters, relax on the pink beach, or admire the abundant natural beauty before you board your boat after about 3 hours for your return journey to Kissamos.

What's included, what's not

✔ Lowest market price guarantee
✔ Round-trip boat cruise
✔ 2-hour stop on Gramvousa island
✔ 3-hour stop at Balos Lagoon
✔ Bar on the boat
✖ Hotel transfers
✖ Food and beverages

Cutoff time before activity

  • 14 hours

Prepare for the experience - Important information

◾ The boat departs from the port of Kissamos daily (May to October) which is accessible by car or bus from the Chania area
◾ The bar on the boat offers traditional Cretan delicacies and other food dishes