Posted on 12/10/2020
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Stockholm Mountain Biking Adventure

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Enjoy a mountain biking adventure only minutes away from Stockholm and ride through some fantastic pine tree forests. Challenge yourself biking on uneven ground, rocky and muddy terrain, and discover Swedish stunning pristine nature.

DURATION: 5 hours
LANGUAGES: English, French, Swedish
OPEN SEASONS: All year round
WHO CAN COME: This mountain biking adventure requires a certain level of fitness and riding skills


◾ Explore pristine nature near Stockholm on a mountain bike
◾ Ride through thick pine tree forests and challenge yourself on rocky and muddy terrain
◾ Take a dip in the fresh waters of a lake and enjoy a hot coffee with cookies

What is included

✔ MTB bikes and Equipment (safety equipment and backpack)
✔ Your guide and instructor
✔ MTB introduction
✔ Lunch and Swedish Fika (coffee and cookies)
✖ Hotel pick-up/drop off
✖ Travel insurance

Description - What to expect

Your mountain biking adventure starts at 9.00 am with a check on the bikes and the equipment, so you feel comfortable and ready for your day biking tour in the forest near Stockholm. Just a small ride on the car, and you arrive at the starting point of your biking adventure. From this point onwards, you will find yourself surrounded by thick forest, and this unique smell coming out from countless shades of green pine trees.

There are many different trails and paths to follow, and your guide will choose the one best suited for your biking level. Some parts will be more technical, but your guide will be there to help and advise you on how to tackle them. Try biking on some challenging rocky and muddy terrain deep in the forest and be rewarded in excitement and adrenaline rush.

Take a break for lunch to enjoy some delicious sandwiches, hot coffee, and cookies. Later on, depending on the season and before your biking adventure comes to an end, you will have the option to take a dip in a lake. You expected to be back in Stockholm at around 2.00 pm.

Cutoff time before activity

  • 24 hours

COVID-19 - Update information

We are strongly convinced that being out there in nature is an incredible and positive way to get out of this never-stopping-ongoing-talks about this very same topic. Getting fresh air, moving your body, and connecting with nature is totally what we recommend you to do


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