Posted on 04/03/2020
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From Madrid: Hot Air Balloon Ride in Segovia

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Take a hot air balloon ride over the medieval city of Segovia and enjoy a bird's eye view of the iconic landmarks, including the historic aqueduct, cathedral, and alcázar. Learn about the UNESCO World Heritage Site's rich history and architecture from your pilot and upon your land, before your hot air balloon ride comes to an end, enjoy a delicious breakfast and be awarded a Balloon Flight Certificate with a traditional Cava toast.

DURATION: 3 hours (1-hour flight)
MEETING POINT: At your hotel or directly at the Abba hotel, Avenida De America 32, Madrid
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish
OPENING SEASON: All year round
WHO CAN COME: The activity is suitable for anyone above the age of seven. Not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from vertigo


◾ Experience flying on a hot air balloon over Segovia and marvel at the iconic city landmarks, including the Cathedral, the Roman Aqueduct, and the Alcazar.
◾ Enjoy a unique experience of flying with expert professional balloonists
◾ Enjoy a traditional breakfast and be awarded a Balloon Flight Certificate.

What is included

✔ Hotel pickup /dropoff service
✔ Round transfer trip from Madrid to Launch field location
✔ Certified pilot and balloon flight instructor
✔ 1-hour balloon flight
✔ Accident Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance
✔ Photos of your flight
✔ A traditional picnic including fried eggs and bacon or bread toast with fresh tomato and olive oil
✔ A toast with Cava and your Balloon Flight Certificate
✖ Food and drinks

What to expect

Ballooning is the oldest form of flying. Since the very first flights in 1783, the hot air balloon has remained virtually unchanged. However, its technology and materials have, of course, like the skills of its pilots, advanced significantly with the times. Today, riding a hot air balloon is no longer a flight into the unknown, but, quite the contrary, it is now one of the safest ways of flying.

You will board your hot air balloon and fly over beautiful Segovia with superb views to the Cathedral, Roman Aqueduct, Alcazar Castle, and Guadarrama National park in the background. Your hot-air balloon ride begins early in the morning, about 8:30 am in the winter, and 7:30 am in the summer when the air and winds are most stable. The whole activity takes approximately 3 hours, including inflating the ballon, boarding, flying (about an hour), landing, packing the ballon, and driving you back to your launch field.

End your hot air balloon ride with a traditional breakfast and be awarded a Balloon Flight Certificate with a traditional Cava toast following the aeronautical tradition.

Not included/Bring with you

Please bring with you casual, outdoor or sportswear according to the season

Cutoff time before activity

  • 3 days

Additional Info

The activity is insured according to the European Regulations
Pilots are professionals with trade qualifications issued by EASA (European Aerial Safety Agency) and extensive experience
Balloons meet the most stringent airworthiness regulations established by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). They can accommodate from 8 to 16 passengers in compartmentalized baskets upgraded for touristic flights
The activity won't be carried out if adverse weather conditions prevail on the day of the flight


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