Posted on 04/10/2019
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Try Scuba Diving Experience in Epidavros, Greece  

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Try Scuba courses are especially designed to offer you a first-time underwater experience and let you have under the guidance of experienced instructors a glimpse of an entirely new world you haven't imagine before.


◾ Learn from experienced instructors how to use the scuba gear safely
◾ Dive in the crystalline waters of Epidavros
◾ Experience how it feels to float and breathe underwater
◾ Enjoy personalized attention from your instructor at every step of your Try Scuba course

What is included

✔ Theory lesson with an experienced instructor
✔ All brand new scuba equipment
✔ Boat fully equipped with safety equipment on board
✔ Bottle of Water
✖ Swimming costume
✖ Towel


Have you always dreamt swimming accompanied by fishes and being able to breathe underwater? If so, then the Try Scuba course for first-timers is just the perfect activity for you! You will live an unforgettable experience as we will take you one step at a time into the water.

We are passionate about helping individuals exploring and discovering new limits and a wonderful underwater world. Before we enter the water you will learn the basics of scuba diving and anything to do with safety. you will be given instructions on how to signal under the water and how to use your equipment and breath through the regulator.

The next exciting moment in your experience will be to enter the water with your instructor by your side and have this unique sensation of freely floating into the water admiring the amazing seabed and its creatures for about 30 minutes.

No prior experience needed nor expected to participate in this activity.

Duration of activity

2 hours

Who can come/Other requirements

Anyone medically fit and over the age of 8. Participants should be able to swim and not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Where we will meet

At our dive centre in the village of Epidavros. Everyone knows us in the village, just ask for James and Vicky! We can usually be found either in the dive centre or at Posidon hotel where our boat is located.


  • English
  • French

Starting time

13.30 pm

Cutoff time before activity

  • 24 hours

Opening seasons

From May to October each year

Additional Info

We are a new SSI scuba diving school located in the ancient village of Epidavros. We have a long history with this village and our family have known the place and the locals since the early 1980s! We love our village and the surroundings and love introducing our customers both to the wonderful underwater world and helping them enjoy their holiday above the water too!


  • Greece
Scuba blue dream

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