Gofreedly encourages and promotes tours and activities that are engaging, responsible, socially just, and environmentally friendly

Information for travelers

How can I contact the Supplier if I have any questions?

While you are completing and submitting your booking request you can send a message to your Host. The Host then is responsible for answering all your inquiries. You can always chat or send mail to support@gofreedly and we will try to answer your questions ASAP

After you successfully make a booking, all information about the Host, including his/her phone number will be shared with you.

What are the booking steps?

Our Platform search functions help you find Gofreedly's most relevant to your interests and destination experiences. If you decide to book a tour or activity, please fill in the number of visitors, and the date you prefer and check availability. 

How do I know whether my booking is accepted by the Supplier?

Suppliers set up their availabilities through our website calendar. If you choose any of the available dates, the supplier can accept or decline a booking request within 24 hours. You will be notified of your successful booking through the email address you registered with us. If the supplier can not accept the booking, you will be notified appropriately. Your card won't be charged during the booking request process but only after the supplier accepts your booking request and confirms availability for your booking.

How do I meet my tour/activity guide?

Information about the meeting point and starting time is always available in the description of the experience. If for any reason you are not clear about the meeting point and starting time please contact the supplier and confirm the details for pick up and meeting arrangements. 

How do I contact Gofreedly?

If you have any questions or feedback, or you need support you can email us at support@gofreedly.com. In case of emergency please call 00306946602365

Information for suppliers

Who can be a Gofreedly Supplier/Host?

We work with professional suppliers of tours, attractions, activities, and other destination services. In each city or travel destination, we are looking for the best companies that can make a difference and be at the top of their competition. We expect our partners to offer exceptional travel experiences to visitors and guests from around the world.

We invite passionate company owners and individuals to forge a partnership with us of mutual benefit based on the principles of trust, sharing, and community enhancement. Our suppliers are required to have a legally operating business and an insurance policy.

How do I create and share my listing?

After you sign up on Gofreedly Platform www.gofreedly.com/register/ you can upload your first listing by clicking on the button "Upload a Listing", on the top right of the homepage. You will be directed to a Listing Form to fill in all details describing the services offered. Give enough time to expound on the services, in good English, so that your guests can fully understand what you are offering and make an informed choice. For more information please see our guide to Quality Hosting 

Once you fill out and submit your listing, we will review it and edit it to make sure that the information presented is clear and potential customers will have a clear view of what to expect. You will be notified via email when your listing is approved and goes online.   If you are not sure how to create and finalize a listing, our moderators will help you by editing the information submitted by you.   If you have any questions not covered here, you can always contact us directly and we will try our best to help you.

Please note that Gofreedly has no obligation to publish tours and experiences uploaded on its website. Make sure that before you upload your tours you have contacted Gofreedly admin team to discuss your intent to publish your tours on Gofreeely Platform. 

How much does it cost to list a tour or activity?

It is free to register and upload your listings on Gofreedly Platform. Gofreedly will only take a small percentage of your booking fee to cover its processing and maintenance costs. There are no hidden costs and we won't ask our suppliers for any additional fees after their subscription. For more details please see our Terms of Use

How can I manage my account?

Once you register you have immediate access to your account. We recommend you complete your profile fully adding the logo of your companyand all other required information, including company legal name, full address, VAT and company registration number as well as Bank IBAN account number. From your dashboard, you can manage and edit your listings, submit your banking information, manage your availabilities, and see reviews about the offered services.

How do I get paid?

The money will be wired to your account within seven days after the completion of your service. If you are based outside the EU economic zone transfers to your account are done at the end of each month. After the first successful booking via Gofreedly Platform, we will ask you for additional documentation for Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements to abide by EU legislation.