Posted on 2019-10-20
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Kalamata SUP: 4-hour SUP & Snorkeling Tour from Voidokoilia or Kardamyli near Kalamata

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Take a SUP and snorkeling tour from either Voidokoilia or Kardamyli and admire the beautiful Messinia coastline from a unique perspective. Have a 4-hour SUP tour and enjoy a fun water activity near Kalamata. No previous experience required in this family-friendly Kalamata SUP tour.


◾ Enjoy an exhilarating time stand up paddling in the idyllic locations of Voidokilia or Kardamyli
◾ Paddle through tranquil, crystalline water past beautiful beaches and caves
◾ Experience a really exceptional morning with lots of fun for the whole family

About this experience

DURATION: 4 hours
MEETING POINT: Voidokoilia beach parking lot for the Voidokoilia tour or the beach of Foneas for the Kardamyli tour
LANGUAGES: English, Greek
DIFFICULTY: Easy, no previous experience required. Guests should know how to swim
OPENING SEASON: All year round

Description - What to expect

Voidokilia beach, located on Messinia's western side, is a world-famous beach for its unique setting and its distinct "omega" shape. It is considered to be among the most beautiful beaches worldwide. Visitors come here to swim into its calm turquoise waters, relax on the fine white sand, admire the dunes, hike to Nestor's cave and the ruins of Navarino Castle and enjoy bird watching at Yialova Lagoon.

Kardamyli is located in a unique spot in the district of Mani. The town sits between the gulf of Messinia and the imposing presence of the highest peaks of Mount Taygetos. At the southern end of the town, the road takes you down into the beach of Foneas with white pebbles and turquoise waters. There is a large, characteristic rock that divides the beach in two and gives its distinctive shape.

The activity
Stand Up Paddle, known as SUP, is a unique opportunity to enjoy a super fun water activity with your family, beloved ones, or friends at a beautiful beach. In the beginning, you learn the basic paddling techniques, how to turn, stop, and stand up, until you grow confident on your board. Then you are ready to start your tour and explore the coast.

You will be paddling next to coves with glittering waters and dive in with snorkeling equipment. You may be able to catch a few waves and surf them in case of a wavy day. You will have plenty of time to practice, swim and sunbathe or just relax under the sun.

What's included, what's not

✔ SUP gear (board, paddle, leash, life jacket)
✔ Guide & SUP instructor
✔ Land-based safety and instructional briefing
✔ Snorkeling equipment
✔ Photographs from the tour
✔ Liability insurance
✔ All taxes

Bring with you

Please bring a bottle of water, a hat, t-shirt, sunscreen, towel, change of clothes and swimsuit